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INFOLINE (0-24):
06-30 / 505-0-505


H-1149 Budapest
Fogarasi út 11/b.

H- 2100 Gödöllõ
Dózsa György út 88 - 90.

General rental conditions:

Car rental contract - an example download

Who is able to rent or drive the cars:
- Who is in the contract
- Who is older than 19 years and has a minimum 1 year old driving license
- Who has a valid ID card or passport

The documents what companies needs:
- Deed of foundation or deed of partnership
- max 6 month old company certificate
- signature announcement
- TAX announcement

Accepted payment forms:
- Cash
- Transfer
- Bankcard

The rental fee:
- Included the third-party, liability, the CASCO and weight tax, and the incidental expenses of servicing beside functional using.
- The insurance not includes the damage of tyres and wheels, as well as the damages of the passangercompartment.
- Not included the costs of fuel.
- The car must given back with full tank, after fuel lack the extra payment is 1,7 EUR/Litre.
- The dialy fee is included 200 Km usage, renter is charge 0,15-0,20 Eurocent +VAT/KM over this limit!!!

Minimal rental period is one day:
- 1 day (24 hour)

The deposit:
- The renter has to pay deposit when renting the car. The deposit is up to the category. The deposit will be paid back when the car will given back in order.
- The deposit prices
Car type Deposit price
Spark, Kalos and Aveo : 600 Euro - 800 Euro
Lacetti , Lacetti SW and Cruze : 800 Euro - 1000 Euro
Epica, Captiva and Fiat Ducato : 1200 Euro - 1500 Euro

The renter obligations:
- The renter can't service the car.
- If any accident or breakdown happens, has to call our customer service.
- The car has to use by the Hungarian the Highway Code.

Long-lasting rent:
- Beside the short term rent, there is the long lasting rent. Long lasting has custom-built calculation and conditions which satisfy every demand.


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